Some additional birdhouses…

First off, apologies for the radio silence over the last week – Brute Force was attending passivhaus consultancy training at UW’s Integrated Design Lab, and has been tackling a CO²-neutral entry for methodhome’s backyard cottage competition in the evenings. After the judging (and inevitable loss…) we’ll post on our experiment…

A few weeks ago, Build presented some really interesting modern birdhouses. Brute Force had recently done a little research into birdhouses as well, and so here are some we ran across that Build hadn’t posted.

Betoniu‘s purist nistkasten (nesting house). €89, concrete and wood.


Raumhochrosen designed several modernist birdhouses, 1:33 scale models of Vorarlberger works of architecture:

Kaufmann 96’s SU-SI.  €169, untreated pine.

Dietrich|Untertrifaller‘s Haus R.  n/a, untreated larch or fir.

Gunter Wratzfeld’s Haus Watzenegg. €279, untreated spruce.

Rudolf Waeger’s Wuerfelhaus in Götzis. €169, untreated spruce.

Delfine Architekten’s Vogelhaus. €90, larch.

Hadi Tehrani‘s Nisthaus Baya. €580, teak.

Peter Keilbach’s pick.up. €45, plastic, wood, stainless steel.

Haseform‘s Vogelhaus (birdhouse). €30, steel.


2 responses to “Some additional birdhouses…

  1. I really like that SU-SI… clean design.

  2. These are some really unique birdhouses and bird feeders. Its always nice to see other people using their talants for birding projects.