Passivhaus Seattle

Brute Force has been knee deep with our day jobs, finalizing a submission for the Methodhomes Backyard Cottage Competition (which we’ll be posting early next week) and a quick trip to the east coast for a retirement ceremony. It’s been a busy spring, but thanks to the economy – we’ll have more time to dedicate to the backlog of posts we’ve been meaning to crank out.

For those of you in the Seattle area interested in hearing a little bit about passivhaus and seasonal thermal storage, Mike will be presenting this discussion topic at the next Passivhaus Seattle monthly meeting.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 26th at the Phinney Neighborhood Association Room 3 from 5.30-6.30.

Benjamin Cook of Green Building Systems will be joining to discuss phase change materials as a potential storage medium.

Also, please note that the Space.City  Stefan Behnisch lecture slated for May 20th has been canceled. Here at Brute Force, we believe the work of Behnisch Architekten to be exemplary on many levels, so hopefully there will be a chance to re-schedule.


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