insanity, etc

Apologies from BFC for the extended absence. To put it lightly, things have been insane.

After more than three years, Mike was laid off and spent most of June navigating the unemployment maze and updating resumes and portfolios. For those that happen to be unemployed, there are a number of good resources, though the archinect feature was by far the best assistance for optimizing and removing redundant or irrelevant information.

Luckily, by the end of June, a position was found with a firm actually interested in passivhaus.

June and July also featured phases 2 and 3 of passivhaus consultant training, which Brute Force is really glad to be finished with.  We are definitely looking forward to wrapping up the test in November just before the 2010 North American Passive House Conference, slated for November 5-7th in Portland.

And the World Cup… Being unemployed during the opening stages of the tourney was amazing, hardly a minute of soccer was missed. Jumping back into the working world meant those games would have to be seen in replay at George and Dragon here in Fremont. We just might have to head down to Brazil to catch a few games in 2014. And maybe a few buildings as well (Brasilia, anyone?).

With those precious hours back, and the pursuit of employment out of the way, we hope to get a number of interesting posts that have been in the works on the blog in the coming weeks.


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