PHBdW: Passivhaus Bau der Woche 08

We’ve previously featured the work of cukrowicz.nachbaur architekten, and for good reason – their work is incredible. They’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of stunning projects of various scales and typologies, which is pretty incredible considering the firm is small and both partners are under 45. The Gemeindezentrum (community center) Sankt Gerold is a compact, minimally detailed wooden box nestled in the heart of Vorarlberg. The building’s functions include the municipal administration, a kindergarten, a play room and a multipurpose room.

The four story structure utilizes PVC-, CFC- and HCFC -free construction, even down to the electrical wiring. Building insulation is wool, mineral wool and wood fiber, which have fairly low embodied energy. The silver fir is sourced from local, community-owned forests. Great care must have been taken to select ideal timbers, as there doesn’t seem to be a visible knot or blemish on any of the wood. This interior/exterior monochromatic effect is visually stunning. The architects even went so far as to detail the lenses for the light fixtures to blend in with the ceilings.


  • Wall assembly: U-value=0.11 W/m²k (R-52)
  • Roof assembly: U-value=0.12 W/m²k (R-47.4)
  • Floor/cellar: U-value=0.16 W/m²K (R-35.5)
  • Windows: U-value=1.08 W/m²K (R-5.2)
  • Airtightness: 0.50 ACH50
  • Heating Demand: 12.80 W/m²Ka (4.05kBTU/ft²/a)
  • Total Primary Demand: 68 W/m²Ka  

Calculations show interior temperatures only get hotter than 78 degrees F for 13 days out of the year (this is information I believe you can obtain through PHPP), and during this time of the year the building is closed. With ecological sensitivities, ultra-low energy use and incredible detailing – it is really no surprise this gem took 2nd place winner for the 2010 passivhaus architekturpreis.

  • Architect: cukrowicz.nachbaur architekten (AT)  
  • Location: St. Gerold (AT)
  • GFA: 773 m² (8,320 ft²)
  • building costs: 2,865€/m² ( ~$400/ft²)  
  • completed: 2008
  • fotos: Hanspeters Schiess

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2 responses to “PHBdW: Passivhaus Bau der Woche 08

  1. Man this project is amazing, the detailing is unbelievably impeccable. I’ve really been been into C&N recently; have been revisiting a lot of their work and really happy to see them doing PH projects. I might need to add this one to my blog.

  2. we have been consistently amazed at their work, and hope to be able to visit some of their projects in the near future. they’ve also finished 2 low-energy buildings in the last year or so, including another passivhaus. the detailing is definitely impressive.