Yet another NW Passivhaus blog

Popping up like flies. Seattle is going to quickly be supplanted by Portland and Brooklyn as one of the greenest regions in the United States. Or perhaps the reality is Seattle never was really as ‘green’ as everyone made it out to be…

Root Design Build, co-founded by brute force collaborative companero Milos Jovanovic, finally has a blog running on their Passivhaus project, the Shift House. The Shift House is planned to come in at around $150/sf, with heating costs under $200/annum. Awesome.

Milos was pretty amped at the last Passivhaus Consultant Training session, that with the R-42 (walls) and R-60 (roof) SIPs, the Shift House would easily be under the required 0.6ACH50. We got a sneak peak of the construction docs and are excited to see how the exterior shades work out.

The project is moving along, and in the last few weeks they’ve been updating on the progress of the build. We’ll be following this one closely, and hopefully will be able to harass Milos for a tour once completed. This will definitely be a future post for our Passivhaus Bau der Woche series.

The presentation Milos gave at the 2009 PHIUS Conference can be downloaded here (PDF).


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