About BFC

At the insistence of several friends, colleagues, and family – we’re initiating this blog to provide an outlet for opening up green dialog beyond LEED and associated greenwashing. It is our goal to advance the green discussion beyond ‘sustainable’ carpets and bike racks – and moving it towards sensible, intelligent green design. This will manifest itself through the documentation of green architects, projects and building techniques that hopefully some of you may find useful.

Brute Force Collaborative is a ‘collective’ of 2 Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies alumni .  We cut our teeth moving dirt for a rammed earth house in Virginia, working long hours in Germany with pfeifer_kuhn architekten (Freiburg) and Chestnutt_Niess (Berlin), and presently straddle the continental U.S. with ‘cubicles’ in Boston and Seattle. are both living and working (or trying to…) in Seattle.

Having recently completed construction on a brownstone in Boston designed with his former employer, Aaron Yankauskas has (finally) moved to Seattle and is looking to build quality, low energy homes.

Michael Eliason is a designer in Seattle, volunteer with Architects without Borders and serves as the Events  co-Chairperson for Passive House NW, an organisation dedicated to building extremely energy-efficient projects through implementation of rigorous standards.

Brute Force is stunned by the work of Werner Sobek, Feilden Clegg Bradley, Peter Zumthor, Glenn Murcutt, Sauerbruch + Hutton and Gigon Guyer – but we have a major soft spot for small, green and well-detailed projects.

contact: info@bruteforcecollaborative.com


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