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brute force baby!!

So things have been a little quiet the last week or so, and I imagine it will be this way for the next few weeks…

A new (non-passivhaus) addition has been added to the brute force collaborative family, although this one wasn’t a Mike and Aaron collaboration – Mike and Heather are proud to announce the birth of Clementine, who was born Saturday the 28th. We’re all doing superbly, and are slowly adjusting to the new normal, aka sleep deprivation and uber loud noises.

The good news is that since Clementine is naturally a bit of a furnace, we’re in discussions with the Passivhaus Institut to see if she can be a Passivhaus Certified Component!

In the meantime, Aaron, who is wrapping up a project he designed and built in Boston, may have a few posts on those efforts, and we’ll have a few guest spots sprinkled in with the posts as I can get them out.


[PH]od = Passivhaus + pod

While Aaron was in Seattle to join Mike for Passivhaus Consultant Training, methodhomes and infiniti real estate & development announced they were holding a pre-fab friendly competition for Seattle’s backyard cottage/DADU ordinance. We jumped at the chance to test our new found passivhaus chops (o.k., not that new, we’ve both been following passivhaus for a few years now) and decided to attempt a decent looking building that on an ideal site, would qualify for passivhaus or even Living Building Challenge (given the right amount of time….)

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